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IACS Awards

IACS 2020 Awards
The recipients of the IACS 2020 AWARDS were
  • 2020 Heinz Heinemann Award of IACS: prof. Avelino Corma, for his ground-breaking achievements in transitioning from the molecular design of solid catalysts to their industrial applications
  • 2020 International Catalysis Award of IACS: prof. Xile Hu,  for the creative and high-impact work in combining material development, electrochemistry and concepts of homogeneous catalysis for the production of solar fuels

IACS 2024 Awards
The recipients of the IACS 2024 AWARDS were
  • 2024 Heinz Heinemann Award of IACS: prof. Kazunari Domen, for his world leading researcher for photocatalytic water splitting and solar hydrogen production as well as
    construction of world first 100㎡-scaled green hydrogen production system.
  • 2024 International Catalysis Award of IACS: prof. Yuriy Roman-Leshkov,  for his fundamental advances in understanding and enhancing turnover in heterogenous catalysts using electric fields, confinement, and site cooperativity to control reaction rates

Procedure for the IACS 2024 Awards

The awards – the International Catalysis Award and the Heinz Heinemann Award - present a lecture at next ICC. The recipients of these awards are selected by the IACS Awards Committee. The nomination package, in addition to the nomination form, contains the following elements:
1. A nomination letter with the identification and evaluation of the accomplishments on which the nomination is based (maximum of two double spaced pages).
2. Curriculum Vitae and Publication list (including books and patents). Maximum 3 pages, with no more than 10 publications relevant to the nomination.
3. List of selected plenary and keynote lectures. Maximum 1 page.

1) International Catalysis Award
The International Catalysis Award will be given to recognize and encourage individual contributions by a young person in the field of catalysis, such as the discovery of the significant improvement of a catalytic process, or an important contribution to the understanding of catalytic phenomena. The recipient must not have passed her/his 45th birthday by May 1 of the award year. The Award consists of a plaque and a check for $5,000.

2) Heinz Heinemann Award
The Heinz Heinemann Award will be given to an individual or a group for significant contributions to catalysis science and technology achieved during past 8-10 years. The Award consists of a plaque and a check for $5,000.

3) Nomination Procedure
Nomination of the awards should be made at least 8th months in advance with respect to the date of the next International Congress on Catalysis, and should include a critical evaluation of the significance of the nominee`s published work and related Citation Report , as well as a statement about the particular contribution on which the nomination is based. Nominations should also include the nominee's qualifications, accomplishments and biography. Nomination documents, along with no more than four letters of support, should be submitted electronically as a single PDF file to the Secretary of the International Association of Catalysis Societies.The recipient will be required to give an award lecture on her/his research as part of the International Congress on Catalysis at which the award is conferred.

4) Selection of Award Recipients
Selection of the award recipients will be made by an International Committee composed of renowned scientists or engineers. This Committee will be appointed by the President of the International Association of Catalysis Societies, subsequent to proposals from the Executive Committee of the International Association of Catalysis Societies. Posthumous awards will be made only when knowledge of the winner's death is received after the announcement of the International Committee's decision.

IACS Heinz Heinemann Award past recipients:
- 2020: Avelino Corma
- 2016: Paolo Fornasiero
- 2012 Graham Hutchings,
- 2008: James A. Dumesic
- 2004: Can Li
IACS International Catalysis Award past recipients:
- 2020: Xile Hu
- 2016: David Farrusseng
- 2012: Bert M. Weckhuysen
- 2008: John F. Hartwig
Young Researcher Support for attenting ICC2024
for 18ICC 2024 (Lyon, France)

For the ICC2024 (Lyon) meeting, the following nominations have been selected by the Selection Committee for the ICC2024 Young Scientists Travel Support Prize .

Aubrecht Jaroslav Univ Chem & Techn Prague
Battiston Lucas Leocadio UFPR
Bhardwaj Garv
Bonati Luigi IIT, genova
Cernicharo-Toledo Francisco ITQ – UPV Valencia
Choi Yunji KAIST
Costa Daniel Pereira
Coudercy Christophe University of Waterloo
D’ooghe Lennert
De Maron Jacopo UniBO
dos Santos Lima Dirléia UFRGS
Durin Gabriel MPI CEC (Germany)
Gallegos Maria Victoria CINDECA, La Plata
Galloni Melissa Greta UniMI
García Sánchez Julieth Tatiana "Univ Ind de Santander (Colombia)
Gomez Laura Alejandra Univ. Oklahoma
González Araiza Diego Daniel UNAM (Mexico)
Hanon Fanny UCLouvain
Herrera-Beurnio María del Carmen University of Córdoba
Jung HyeongDong Seoul Nat Univ
Karakache Sabrina Bahia Universite de Sherbrooke
Karakashkova Petya Ist Catal. BAS
Kim Soyeon Sookmyung Univ
LI Xuning DICP
Lindenthal Lorenz Montanuniv. Leoben
Machado da Silva Raúl Bruno ITQ – UPV Valencia
Mališová Miroslava Slovak Univ Techn
Marquart Wijnand Univ Cape Town
McLaren Fergus
Miyazaki Masayoshi Tokyo Inst of Techn
Molina-Ramírez Sergio University of Málaga
Moloi Sanele Univ Cape Town
Morais Rafael Gomes LSRE-CM
Nakaya Yuki Osaka Univ
Nasello Nicole Daniela PoliMI
Ngema Lindokuhle Univ Cape Town
Pampararo Giovanni UCLouvain
Rozmyślak Mateusz Adam Mickiewitcz Univ
Sfeir Amanda UCCS - Lille
Shigemoto Ayaka Waseda University
Silná Zuzana Charles Univ Prague
Tangpakonsab Parinya TU Wien
Vanden Berg Monique North-West Univ
Verma Priyanka Osaka univ. (Japan)
Virgilio Emanuel INCAPE, Santa Fe
Walkowiak Adrian Adam Mickiewicz University
Wang Lizhuo
Weikert Clara Vilela Federal Univ of Rio
Winkler Philipp TU Wien
Yatabe Takafumi University of Tokyo
Zhang Zisheng UCLA

Young Researchers are awarded by the International Association of Catalysis Societies to facilitate their partecipation to ICC2024.

    • for young researchers below 35 age at the time of ICC2024 meeting (no distinction if before or after PhD); they need to have presented an abstract that has been accepted to ICC2024
    • 50 young researchers will be granted for an amount covering the registration fee (early registration), that will be paied directly to ICC2024 organizers (they will receive a code for free registration)
    • the young researchers will receive an additional certificate given during an award ceremony in Lyon
    • the selection will be made in two steps: IACS Council delegates (one per country) will made 3-4 max nominations (from their country, and in ranking order), and then a Board Committee will made the selection. The nomination should contains 1) name and age of the nominee, 2) status (PhD, post-doc etc.), 3) title and code of the accepted abstract, 4) few lines of motivations for each nominee.  Based on indications received, a ranking will be made, giving priority to PhD students and from less favoured regions or with less participation to ICC.

  • For the ICC2020 (San Diego) meeting, 87 nominations from the IACS Council have been received, one of which not eligible (above the age of 35 years). Of these, the following 50 have been selected by the Selection Committee for the ICC2020 Young Scientists Travel Support Prize . Due to ICC17 cancellation, the travel contribution was cancelled, but below the list of those that have been selected.

    List in alphabetical order of recipients of the ICC2020 Young Scientists Travel Support Prize

    Jaroslav Aubrecht
    Koen Wynand Bossers
    Thomas Burger
    Samuel Carlier
    Karolina Chałupka
    Roberto Fiorenza
    Marianna Gambino
    George Giannakakis
    Geun-Ho Han
    Max Huelsey
    Satoshi Ishikawa
    Hyun Seung Jung
    John Keogh
    Yongwoo Kim
    Tomáš Kiška
    Takayuki Kojima
    Samira Fatma Kurtoglu
    Kelvin Kwok
    Thomas Len
    Stine Lervold
    Li Li
    Liliana Patrícia Lima Gonçalves,
    Lorenz Lindenthanl
    Zong-Hui Liu
    Lichen Liu
    Shida Liu
    Hongfei Ma
    Sinqobile V. L. Mahlaba
    Aryane Azevedo Marciniak
    Jim Mensah
    Isaac Meza-Trujillo
    Thulani Nyathi
    Carla Alexandra Orge Fonseca
    Mateus Freitas Paiva
    Alessandro Piovano
    Violetta Pospelova
    Matthew E. Potter
    Shaine Raseale
    Anna Rokicińska
    Amit Sahu
    Małgorzata Smoliło
    Vera Truttmann
    Luis Virla
    Helena Yuan Wang
    Jijie Wang
    Eike Sebastian Welter
    Shunji Xie
    Takeharu Yoshii
    Diego Zapater
    Muhammad Zubair

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