New Executive Committee
On July 1, 2012, the IACS Council has renewed the Executive Committee whose Members are:

Prof. Avelino Corma, Institute of Chemical Technology (Spain), President,
Prof. Gabriele Centi, University of Messina (Italy), Vice President,
Prof. Michael Bowker, Cardiff University (UK), Treasurer,
Prof. Wenjie Shen, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (China), Secretary,
Prof. Kazunari Domen, The University of Tokyo (Japan), Officer.

ICC 16
The IACS Council has voted for the Chinese proposal for the next International Congress on Catalysis: Beijing will welcome ICC 16 in 2016.

Passing of Eric Derouane (1944-2008)
It is with great sadness that we have learned that Professor Eric Derouane passed away on 17 March in his home at Luz Lagos (Algarve), Portugal. A portrait written by Jacques C. Védrine, Michel Che (Paris), Fernando Ramôa Ribeiro (Lisbon), Jianliang Xiao (Liverpool) and Bao-Lian Su (Namur) can be read at: http://www.efcats.org/pages/news.html or http://www.nacatsoc.org/news.asp?NewsID=122.

Passing of Oleg V. Krylov (1924-2008)

Professor Oleg Valentinovich Krylov, one of the major figures in the field of catalysis for several decades, passed away in Moscow on July 28, 2008, at the age of 83. A biographical sketch written by Mikail Sinev and translated by Alexis T. Bell is available at: http://www.nacatsoc.org/news.asp?NewsID=132