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May 2010

The International Conference on the Frontiers of Catalytic Science and Technology for the 21st Century will be held in Dalian (P.R. China) on June 3-6 2010. The …

Novemmber 2009-
The minutes of the informal meeting of the IACS Council held on June 10, 2009, San Francisco, are available. Read them here

August 2009

ThalesNano will be hosting a free 45 minute webinar on Ozonolysis…
ThalesNano will be hosting a free 45 minute webinar on Ozonolysis Reinvented. The webinar will be educational and will focus on teaching chemists a novel way of performing ozonolysis making it easier, faster, and safer.
September 24, 2009, Webinar
ThalesNano Ozonolysis Reinvented Webinar
Additional information: http:// www.thalesnano.com/ozonolysis_reinvented

The TOPCOMBI project has developed an intensive interactive course for students…
The TOPCOMBI project has developed an intensive interactive course for students from areas of chemical engineering and chemistry, as well as junior industrial scientists and engineers to provide a more industrially relevant training, focusing on the required interactions. Based on a novel concept, the participants will jointly work on the scale-up of a chemical process combining laboratory experiments, modelling and pilot plant runs.
January 11-15, 2010, Laboratory for Chemical Technology, Ghent University (Belgium)
Interactive Course: Design and Optimisation of Catalytic Processes - From Laboratory Experiments to Design of Industrial Reactors
Contact: locherer@dechema.de
Target Group: Students in chemical engineering and chemistry, junior industrial staff
Course fee: 395 Euro
Additional information: http://www.topcombi.org/content.php?pageId=3488&lang=en

The informal meeting of the IACS Council held during the last NAM Congress, agrees the following appointments…
The informal meeting of the IACS Council held during the last NAM Congress, agrees the following appointments proposed by the Member Societies:Dr. Bruce R. Cook, USA (BP Products NA, Inc./Mail Code 701-1133/H6/150 W. Warrenville Rd./Naperville, IL 60563, USA/Bruce.cook2@bp.com)Prof. José L. Garcia Fierro, Spain (Instituto de Catalisis y Petroleoquímica/CSIC, Cantoblanco/E-28049 Madrid, Spain/jlgfierro@icp.csic.es)Prof. José Manuel López Nieto, Spain (Instituto de Tecnología Química UPV-CSIC, Avda de los Naranjos s/n/E-46022 Valencia, Spain/jmlopez@itq.upv.es)Prof. Roberto Fernando de Souza, President of the Brazilian Catalyst Society (Lab. Reatividade e Catálise/Universidade Federale do Rio Grande do Sul/Avenida Bento Gonçalves 9500/91591-970 Porto Alegre, Brazil/rfds@iq.ufrgs.br)

Advertisement of a full Professorship in Catalysis at…
 The RWTH Aachen (Germany) is looking for candidates with competence in catalytically active materials to complement the molecular catalysis programmes in the long term. It is a full professorship, not a Junior or Assisant-Professorship, so the candidate should have a corresponding track record or a clearly visible potential. The RWTH Aachen aims to increase the number of women in areas in which they are under-represented, thus women are strongly encouraged to apply. Knowledge of German is not compulsory for the first years.
The deadline for application is September 15. The application should be sent to the following adress: An den Dekan der Fakultät für Mathematik, Informatik und Naturwissenschaften der RWTH Aachen, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Simon, Templergraben 55, D-52062 Aachen(Germany). For additional information please contact Prof. Dr. Walter Leitner, Institute of Technical und Macromolekular Chemistry, Tel.: +49(0)241-802 6480, Leitner@itmc.rwth-aachen.de.
Full details are provided on the pdf file

SusChem and F3 Factory: Future. Fast. Flexible…
Faster, more flexible and environmentally benign chemical production, rapid response to market demand, an ability to handle a diverse product portfolio and improved sustainability are the key characteristics of tomorrow’s chemical production facilities. The goal is to produce chemical products and intermediates that have minimal environmental impact through the use of highly eco-efficient, scalable and adaptive process that have smaller physical and ecological footprints.
SusChem is working with a number of interested parties to fully define the concept of a demonstration F3 facility. The full pape is available @

July 2009

Congratulations to Graham Hutchings recipient of …
The RSC Surfaces and Interfaces Award has been bestowed to Graham Hutchings, FRS, Cardiff University for his innovative design and characterisation of new solid-state and nanoparticle catalysts. At present time, we don't know whether the Award is an impressive gold nugget!
Read the RSC announcement

John Armor leaves the Presidency of …
At the San Francisco Board meeting, John Armor announced that he did not wish to continue for another four years as an officer. He served NACS as President for 8 years and as Treasurer for 7 years. Read his final message

The new NACS officers for 2009-2013 are …
The new North American Catalysis Society officers for 2009-2013 are:
Enrique Iglesia (University of California-Berkeley), President,
Bruce Cook (BP Products NA, Inc.), Vice President,
CY Chen (Zeolyst International), Treasurer,
H-X Li (Chevron Energy Technology Co.), Secretary,
Edrick Morales (LyondellBasell Industries), Communications Director,
John Byrne (BASF Catalysts LLC), Lead Trustee.
A summary of the San Francisco Meeting of the Board of Directors can be read @ .

June 2009

Professor Graham Hutchings has been elected…
Professor Graham Hutchings of the Cardiff University School of Chemistry (http:/www.cardiff.ac.uk/chemy/contactsandpeople/academicstaff/hutchings.html) has been elected a Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS), one of the highest honours in the academic world.
Graham Hutchings "has been distinguished for his work on heterogeneous catalysis, pioneering the use of gold catalysts, being the first to predict and subsequently demonstrate that gold would be a highly effective catalyst for ethyne hydrochlorination, thereby establishing a new field of catalysis".


Daniel G. Nocera is honoured with the August-Wilhelm-von-Hofmann…
The Henry Dreyfus Professor of Energy and Professor of Chemistry Daniel G. Nocera (Massassuchets Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, United States; http://www.mit.edu/~chemistry/faculty/nocera.html) will receive the August-Wilhelm-von-Hofmann Medal at the next GDCh Scientific Forum, August 30-September 2, Frankfurt/Main, Germany following his plenary lecture entitled "Personalized Energy for 1(x 6 Billion). This Medal is given to non-German chemists for their outstanding contributions in chemistry and education. More @

ThalesNano is organising Web seminar series…
ThalesNano Webinar Series
ThalesNano is organising Web seminar series (www.thalesnano.com/webinar-series) on topics relevant to flow reactors for faster evaluation of catalysts. The series is educational and intended to provide alternative chemistry solutions.
Accelerating Hydrogenation           June 18, 2009                Richard Jones, ThalesNano Inc. and  Dr. Toma Glasnov, University of Graz
Scaling-up Hydrogenation               July 23, 2009                Dr. Attila Wootsch, ThalesNano Inc.
Ozonolysis Reinvented                    September 24, 2009      Richard Jones, ThalesNano Inc.
Each webinar is approximately 45 minutes in length and some will include a user guest speaker. For more information on each webinar please click on the title.
Attendance is free, only registration is required. The links to register can be found by clicking on the webinar title

Springer is pleased to welcome Norbert Kruse as a new Editor-in-Chief to…
Springer is pleased to welcome Norbert Kruse as a new Editor-in-Chief to the journals Catalysis Letters and Topics in Catalysis.
Dr. Kruse joined Dr. G. A. Somorjai and Dr. J. M. Thomas in the editorship of Catalysis Letters and Topics in Catalysis on May 1st, 2009 and we are looking forward to seeing great things from their partnership.
In honor of his appointment we are opening BOTH journals for 4 weeks of FREE access!
Read Catalysis Letters free - no registration necessary (lien avec : www.springerlink.com/content/101742/?v=editorial&sa_campaign=email/PROM/PSE11152_V2)
Browse Topics in Catalysis - it's only free for the next four weeks (lien avec : www.springerlink.com/content/101754/?v=editorial&sa_campaign=email/PROM/PSE11152_V2)

EuropaCat IX: The deadline for early registration has been extended…
The deadline for early registration has been extended to Friday, June 19.
The Scientific Committee has already managed the revision of all contributions. The authors are invited to log into the Scientific Application for the results and the possible suggestions made by the Reviewers (www.conftool.com/europacat2009/).
Further information is available on the Congress Web site: http://www.europacat2009.eu/.

May 2009

A Physical & Theroetical Chemistry Symposium to be held in Shanghai…
In the frame of the 13th Asian Chemical Congress (http://www.13acc.org), September 14-16, 2009, Shanghai (P.R. China), a Symposium on Physical & Theroetical Chemistry will be organised by Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, in partnership with the Chinese Chemical Society (CCS), under the Auspices of the Federation of Asian Chemical Societies (FACS).
The Physical & Theoretical Chemistry Symposium (PTCS) will focus mainly on Physical & Theoretical Chemistry related research for understanding and defining the underlying concepts, as well as their potential applications. More information is available at www.ptc.dicp.ac.cn/.

An old Society changes its name…
The Société Française de Chimie, host Society of the French Catalysis Division has recovered its first (150 years old) name: Société Chimique de France (SCF). The corresponding revamped pages of the Division (www.sfc.fr/DivCata/DivCata.htm) and of GECAT (www.gecat.fr) will be published next July.

A new Society is born: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Katalyse (GECATS: German Catalysis Society)…
The German Catalysis Society (www.gecats.de/about) follows from the merge of different entities formerly run under the sponsorship of ProcessNet (www.processnet.org), DECHEMA (www.dechema.de), VDI (www.vdi.de), GDCh (www.gdch.de), DBG (www.bunsen.de), and DGMK (www.dgmk.de).
GeCatS is the platform for the whole German catalysis community,